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Increase sales without inventory costs

Offer meet and match capabilities to providers

Rapidly enhance market value for investors

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How are small businesses benefitting
from a digital marketplace?

Boutique Hotel Chain

Challenge: A chain of boutique hotels wanted to increase occupancy rates and attract more customers.
Solution: They partnered with online travel agencies (OTAs) like Booking.com and Expedia to list their properties on their platforms.
Outcome: By leveraging the reach and visibility of these digital marketplaces, the boutique hotel saw a significant increase in bookings. Within six months of listing, their occupancy rates rose by 30% leading to a substantial revenue boost.

Wedding Planner

Challenge: A wedding planning agency facing stiff competition wanted to expand its client base and grow its business.
Solution: The agency partnered with a popular wedding planning website and marketplace, to list its services and packages.
Outcome: The wedding planning company provided the agency with access to a vast network of engaged couples actively seeking wedding services. As a result, the agency's bookings increased by 40% within the first year of listing on the platform, leading to significant revenue growth.

Interiors Design Firm

Challenge: An interior design firm aimed to reach more clients and showcase its design expertise.
Solution: The interior design firm partnered with online platforms specializing in interior design and home decor, such as Houzz and Pinterest, to showcase their projects, design ideas, and services. They also invested in digital marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments and drive online traffic to their website.
Outcome: By leveraging digital marketplaces, the interior design firm expanded its reach and attracted new clients interested in their services. The online platforms provided a platform to showcase their portfolio, receive inquiries, and connect with potential clients globally, leading to increased business opportunities and growth.

Venture Capital Firm

Challenge: A ventures capital company aimed to identify and invest in promising startups while efficiently managing its investment portfolio.
Solution: The company leveraged online platforms and investment networks specialized in connecting investors with startups, such as AngelList and Crunchbase.
Outcome: By embracing digital marketplaces, the venture capital company streamlined its investment process and expanded its deal flow. The online platforms provided access to a diverse range of startups and investment opportunities, enabling the firm to identify and invest in high-potential ventures. Additionally, the firm's online platform facilitated efficient communication and collaboration with entrepreneurs, leading to successful investments and portfolio growth.

Textile - Cloth Merchant

Challenge: A textile merchant aimed to reach more customers and expand its online presence.
Solution: The textile merchant partnered with online marketplaces specializing in textiles and fabrics, such as Alibaba and IndiaMART to showcase its products and connect with buyers. They also developed their own e-commerce website, offering a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and accessories for online purchase.
Outcome: As an outcome, the merchant increased its visibility and accessibility to customers globally. The online platforms provided a platform to showcase their product catalog, receive orders, and process payments, leading to increased sales and revenue for the business. Moreover, the company's online presence helped enhance its brand reputation and attract new customers looking for quality textiles and fabrics.

Health & Fitness - Gym Owner

Challenge: A popular fitness center aimed to attract more members and increase retention rates at its gym.
Solution: The fitness center partnered with online fitness platforms and apps, such as ClassPass and MyFitnessPal, to promote its gym memberships, classes, and personal training services.
Outcome: The fitness center expanded its reach and attracted new members interested in its fitness programs. The online platforms provided a convenient platform for members to explore and book classes, track their workouts, and monitor their progress, leading to increased member engagement and retention rates. Moreover, the gym's online presence helped enhance its brand image and attract new customers looking for quality fitness services.

Beauty Salon

Challenge: A beauty lounge aimed to attract more clients and increase bookings for its salon services.
Solution: The beauty salon partnered with online booking platforms and apps, such as StyleSeat and UrbanClap, to promote its salon services, treatments, and packages. They also developed their own website and mobile app, offering features such as online booking, appointment reminders, and loyalty rewards.
Outcome: The beauty lounge increased its visibility and attracted new clients interested in its salon services. The online platforms provided a convenient platform for clients to explore and book appointments, leading to increased bookings and revenue for the salon. Moreover, the salon's online presence helped enhance its brand reputation and attract new customers looking for quality beauty treatments and services.
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