Use Torry Harris Marketplace (TH-M) to:

  • Offer an attractive storefront with digital products, service and more
  • Intelligently bundle with partners, create attractive packages
  • Extend product range and purchase options, pronto!

Managed end-to-end services for your digital marketplace platform

Product management

Manage and optimize product offerings with stock ,variants, reviews, comments, sub-product packages and product price plans features.

Category management

A built in recommendation engine to support your cross and up-selling efforts. It helps you define multiple hierarchical categories with Facet, Storage, Display Style and Category Home layout choices

Vendor management

The onboarding process helps standardize and integrate your marketplace with external systems (via Business Process Management). Our custom branding and feature options augment the vendor experience through platform customization.

Customer management

Easily manage customer conflicts, preferences, orders and next best actions with our built-in customer management system. It helps you segment customers into different clusters to configure group-based storefront customization.

Choose the right marketplace
business model for your enterprise

  • Model S
  • Model T
Model S
Standard Marketplace Model

Model S enables an enterprise to become a Marketplace operator (MPO) quickly and efficiently.
It facilitates the sale of additional complementary services and products under a single umbrella.
The end customers now get more choice and convenience on such a Marketplace.

Increase market share

Model S is ideal for businesses seeking to establish their own online marketplace. This model supports selling enhancements to product lines, services required for product use, installation, personalization, and geographical, contextual value adds for customers.

Diversify and expand offerings

It provides an opportunity to expand an enterprise’s offering portfolio by bundling them with their partners’ offerings.

Build customer loyalty

It promotes stickiness among customers in the enterprise’s circle of trust, as they find all solutions under a single umbrella.

Attract new customers

It drives new revenue and customers to the Marketplace, as partners bundle and sell more of the enterprise’s services to complete and complement their offerings.

We have everything you need to power and scale your digital marketplace platform

  • Marketplace storefront
  • Vendor onboarding portal
  • Vendor self-service portal
  • Marketplace admin portal
  • Store management portal
  • Journey management portal
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Marketplace storefront

  • Leverage features such as subscription offerings, network services, b2b bundled offerings, open API discovery and payment offerings.
  • Boost visibility with strategic marketing and branding initiatives.
  • Drive customer interactions and provide seamless customer support.
  • Process payments securely and efficiently with payment gateway, transaction monitoring, and fraud detection.
  • Analyze sales traffic, and customer patterns for informed decision-making.
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Vendor onboarding portal

  • Onboard new sellers to the marketplace and efficiently manage their needs.
  • Curate and host diverse products offered by sellers on your platform.
  • Leverage feature-rich tools - product catalogue management, order tracking, and introduce new product categories
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Vendor self-service portal

  • Equip vendors to efficiently manage their products, leads, dashboards and more with self-service tools.
  • Provide vendors one platform with multiple storefronts to offer unique category based products.
  • Harness data-driven insights to enhance decision-making.
  • Transform partnerships into thriving collaborative ventures.
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Marketplace admin portal

  • Create stores, enable multi-language support, standardize global branding and other admin tasks effortlessly.
  • Control access and manage roles for buyers, sellers, administrators, and moderators.
  • Streamline admin tasks with a centralized hub to manage partners, catalogues, products, campaigns, orders and more.
  • Leverage deep analytics and actionable insights to understand trends, optimize strategies, and drive growth.
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Store management portal

  • Create an immersive shopping experience that captures attention and drives conversions.
  • Effectively present your products or services with customizable themes and responsive designs
  • Offer easy navigation, personalized recommendations, and seamless transactions for your customers.
  • Choose the right marketplace model, optimize product data and templates for better results.
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Journey management portal

  • Create customizable journeys for vendor onboarding & order fulfilment.
  • Automate the entire process of order management with a centralized system.
  • Visually configure workflows for onboarding, order flow, returns and provisioning.

Model S vs. Model T

Business Model
Use Case
Revenue Generation
Storefront Configuration
Model S

Operates like a department store, where the enterprise is the Marketplace Operator (MPO) and vendors /partners’ offerings are displayed in the store. The MPO owns the customer experience and can choose to bundle partner products with their core offering to offer variety and discounts.

Model T

The enterprise functions like a shopping mall, by enabling vendors/partners to create and manage their own, individual stores within a larger ecosystem. The enterprise (MPO), will license the marketplace as-a-service to its vendors and partners.


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