Digital marketplace solutions for modern CSPs

Sell subscription-based, physical and core Telco products

Diversify your product catalogue with partners

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Expand your market with diverse offerings

Explore the digital marketplace features designed for CSP operators, offering a wide range of services.

  • Subscription-based products: Engage your clients with a vast array of streaming services, cloud storage options, specialized software subscriptions, and exclusive content packages.
  • Physical goods selection: Access a diverse range of devices, accessories, smart gadgets, and merchandise to enrich and diversify your service offerings for your customers.
  • Core Telco services: Seamlessly provide mobile plans, broadband options, VoIP solutions, IoT connectivity, and cutting-edge network services tailored to meet the evolving needs of your valued customers.

Craft compelling bundled solutions

Collaborate and create personalized bundled services to captivate your B2C and B2B clients:

  • Synergy of capabilities: Blend your unique strengths with partner expertise to develop compelling bundled services, offering tailored solutions for entertainment, connectivity, and specific industry needs.
  • Expanded partnerships: Explore new collaborations to broaden your service spectrum and meet diverse client needs.
  • Customization for every niche: Tailor your bundled solutions to cater to specific niche markets, ensuring that every customer finds exactly what they need in your marketplace.

Streamline collaboration for growth

Experience effortless collaboration to expand your service reach and offerings:

  • Open API integration: Simplify integration with accessible APIs, enabling smooth service expansion and ongoing innovation.
  • Vendor harmony: Seamlessly integrate your offerings into external platforms, enhancing customer experiences across both B2C and B2B landscapes, including retail platforms, corporate procurement systems, and e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Automated workflow orchestration: From order fulfillment to data synchronization, automate key workflows to streamline collaboration, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate the pace of service expansion.

Support promotions, recommendations, discounts, and a smooth check-out

Sales and product flexibility

  • Enable diverse product sales: subscriptions, physical goods, and core Telco offerings.
  • Implement flexible bundling options and discounts for varied customer segments.
  • Streamline order processing across vendors, ensuring efficient inventory management.

Operational efficiency and integration

  • Simplify supplier onboarding with self-serve capabilities and streamlined workflows.
  • Integrate seamlessly with business support systems for operational efficiency.
  • Empower vendors with a user-friendly dashboard for real-time performance insights, order fulfillment, and inventory management.

Financial transactions

  • Broaden customer accessibility by supporting a variety of payment methods, improving their shopping experience.
  • Efficiently manage dynamic discounting and subscription services, ensuring a smooth renewal process and providing customers with a hassle-free experience that encourages long-term engagement.

Enhanced customer experience and engagement

  • Utilize advanced eCommerce features, promotions, and personalized checkout experiences.
  • Facilitate efficient customer support and community engagement.

Reporting, analytics, and external Collaboration

  • Access comprehensive analytics for sales performance and marketplace trends.
  • Expand market reach through open APIs, enabling third-party sales and vendor collaboration.

THDP is a notable vendor, Forrester report on marketplace development platforms landscape

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CSP use-case scenarios and benefits of using TH-M

Accelerate B2B commerce


Telcos often face the challenge of assisting Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in finding effective platforms for collaboration, limiting their access to networks necessary for growth.


Within the TH-Marketplace, Telcos can offer an SMB-focused collaboration hub designed to address these challenges. This dedicated hub acts as a centralized space where Telcos facilitate SMBs to connect, collaborate, and expand networks. Telcos, alongside providing their products/services, empower SMBs to showcase their offerings, fostering a symbiotic relationship beneficial for both.

  • Strategic partnership facilitation: Telcos utilize this collaborative platform to facilitate strategic partnerships between SMBs, boosting Telco offerings and service reach to a broader SMB market.
  • Enhanced market reach: The platform opens new markets for Telcos while providing SMBs access to Telco services, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Resource sharing and network effects: Through shared resources and mutual collaboration, Telcos and SMBs experience amplified visibility and network effects, driving collective growth and expansion.
  • Empowering Telcos as catalysts for SMB growth: Telcos play a pivotal role in fostering SMB growth, contributing to a thriving ecosystem within the Telco marketplace.

Current Problem

Businesses face complexities in integrating diverse systems and APIs, leading to inefficiencies and barriers in partnerships.

Solution by the TH-Marketplace

An API integration hub offering standardized APIs and simplified integration methods for seamless B2B collaborations.


Streamlines inter-business communications, accelerates integrations, reduces development time/costs, and fosters agile partnerships through easy-to-use APIs.

Embed your marketplace in third-party portals using APIs to drive more traffic.

Current Problem

Industries lack tailored marketplace solutions, hindering the sale of specialized service offerings and solutions catering to specific sector needs.

Solution by the TH-Marketplace

Sector-focused marketplace platforms offering industry-specific services, products, and collaborations for targeted sectors, to be offered by CSPs


Provides customized solutions, facilitates industry partnerships, enhances sector-specific offerings, and fosters innovation within specialized business segments for CSPs.

Expand B2C commerce

Current Problem

Consumers face fragmented options and limited choices across various service providers, leading to inconvenience and lack of personalized offerings.

Solution by the TH-Marketplace

A unified marketplace consolidating diverse CSP offerings, including devices, connectivity services, subscriptions, and personalized recommendations for individual consumers can be offered by the CSP.


Offers convenience, wider product/service choices, tailored recommendations, bundled deals, and an enhanced, seamless consumer experience within a single platform.

Current Problem

CSPs need an integrated platform for their vendors to open stores, for better collaboration and sales opportunities between CSPs and vendors.

Solution by the TH-Marketplace

An integrated marketplace where CSP vendors can establish their stores, integrating core CSP products alongside their offerings within their individual storefronts.


Empowers vendors to access a broader consumer base, offers diversified product offerings, and facilitates seamless integration of CSP products within their storefronts, thereby enhancing collaboration and boosting sales opportunities for both CSPs and vendors.

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