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  • Increase frequency of client engagement
  • Expand coverage of customer journeys
  • Automate personalization, ease curation
  • Increase your wallet-share by 60%

Why Torry Harris Marketplace?

  • White-label license model - offer it to “friends of friends” as-a-service, grow your network quickly and exponentially
  • A simple, AI-driven digital marketplace with the most attractive price to feature ratio
  • Headless architecture, connects with any asset within your IT estate

TH-M: The marketplace for your digital needs

Get to market faster
Forge an integrated network of partnerships
Expand deeper into the B2B value chain
Provide personalized offerings and bundles

Fast-track your

Sell better with a Digital Marketplace

The Torry Harris API Manager is
built to forge digital ecosystem connectivity
  • Make APIs income-generating through platform models, third-party connections
  • Support governance and user-engagement needs, security and control
  • Support API product design processes from creation to retirement

Our product philosophy


Often, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products impose unique constraints on organization and functionality. We’ve built our products keeping your flexibility and extensibility needs in mind, using an API- first approach, and employing headless architectures.


We’ve built AI-enabled reporting and analytics into our product to help you get accurate data for quick decision making. Our connectors plug into your current IT estate and help you migrate to newer versions seamlessly.


Our relationship does not end with simply provisioning the product – we work with you to realize the full product potential, and to get expected outcomes.


We provide a market leading product and 25+ years of system integration capability under one roof to make your digital marketplace initiative a success. We ensure your business goals are achieved.


We bring to you, a talented team of technology developers, solution architects and industry experts with over 25 years of experience in problem solving and building novel IT solutions for large enterprises. We combine creativity and technical prowess to revolutionize your business and deliver tangible results.




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Torry Harris Digital Products (THDP) was founded to transform the way businesses create, manage, and monetize digital ecosystems. The company offers a curated suite of solutions to equip businesses for digital success and forge tangible new revenue streams. A talented team of industry experts, solution architects and technology developers work closely with customer teams to deliver compelling business outcomes, helping realize the full potential of THDP products.

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