FHIR and healthcare ecosystem enablement in-a-box

Torry Harris Digital Products (THDP) launched its digital ecosystem enablement platform at the HLTH 2023 event, Las Vegas!
THDP offers FHIR and healthcare ecosystem enablement in a box.
Specifically, we help achieve:

New revenue

Own and operate a Healthcare / Pharma digital marketplace.


Standardize, API-enable IT assets for FHIR / HL7 compliance.

Partner network, ecosystem

Accelerate integration with third parties (diagnostic labs, insurance providers, wearables, pharmacies) through FHIR compliant starter-kits.

AI-driven support and care, digital interactions

Generative AI and RPA to automate and augment care.

Our products

Diversify service offerings

Expand your healthcare portfolio to offer a wider range of products and services such as healthcare devices, telehealth consultations, specialized treatments, and wellness programs.

Build new revenue streams

Build additional revenue streams through commissions, fees, or partnership agreements with third parties in the healthcare ecosystem with seamless onboarding and vendor management tools.

Enhance patient engagement

Leverage the platform to centralize and simplify access for patients and providers with efficient mechanisms for scheduling appointments, virtual consultations, billing and more.

Become FHIR competent & compliant

Standardize APIs in your healthcare ecosystem to drive greater operational efficiencies, optimize costs and deliver better patient outcomes.

THDP at HLTH 2023

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Torry Harris Digital Products (THDP) was founded to transform the way businesses create, manage, and monetize digital ecosystems. The company offers a curated suite of solutions to equip businesses for digital success and forge tangible new revenue streams. A talented team of industry experts, solution architects and technology developers work closely with customer teams to deliver compelling business outcomes, helping realize the full potential of THDP products.

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